Crisp and Easy Navigation Dashboard

With this using the website becomes more easy and convenient.

Automation of Daily Sales Tasks

A way to make time for sales by using technology to automate your sales process.

Task Manager

Allows you to efficiently manage your tasks and keep track of your processes and To Dos.

Appointment Manager

Manages and keeps track of all the appointments.

Set CallBacks and View CallBack History

Through this calls can be made more than once and the call history can be viewed.

Change Callback Dates

Change the callback dates to whenever possible.

View all Callbacks and related Comments

View the callback logs and the callback related details.

Reschedule any upcoming Appointment

You can always reschedule your current appointment to another comfortable date.

Update status of an Appointment

To update the current status of an appointment as to at what stage its process is in.

Right away E-mail of quotations to customers

E- mail the quotations and details then and there to the customers.


Details about the cost expenditure in form of quotations.

Profile Manager

The users can edit their profile details.

Push Notifications

Getting notifications popped up without even entering the app.

One Click Dial

An easy method to make calls.

Sales Activity Funnel Report

Helps in determining the strengths and weaknesses of your sales process.

Detaled Funnel View of Leads

The funnel reports of the leads can be viewed in detail.

Share Sales Leads for large teams

Share the details of the leads with the sales team.

Add/Modify Status - New Lead / Proposal / Under Negotiations / Success / Lost

Modify details about the status of the leads whether it is a new one or under process or is a success or failure.

Leads Filteration with Current Status

Filter the leads according to the current status of it.

Bar Charts to Understand Your Leads

Representing leads in bar charts for better understanding.

Admin can create Leads and Assign to any user

The leads can be created and assigned to the user by the admin.

Feed View of all users and its activities

View the details of the users and all the activities.

Import Leads using Spreadsheet

We can also import the leads from spreadsheets.

User Tracking

Using the GPS tracking device the location of the user can be tracked down.

Secure OTP login option for forgotten password

In case the password is forgotten you can login using OTP.

Automated Welcome E-mail and Company Profile Mail for all New Lead

Along with every new lead there comes a welcome E- mail and the company profile mail.


Enhanced customer relationships

The relationship with customers is more healthy

Better search sort and qualify leads

There is better search and navigation

Collect and organize actionable customer data

Collection and organization of customer datas that are actionable

Knowing your customers'

Having a better knowledge about the customer needs

Systematic and timely follow-up on sales opportunities

There is regular and systematic follow ups done on every sales opportunity

Understanding your customer better

Always knowing your customers completely

Prioritizing follow-up

Prioritizing and categorizing the follow ups

Improved informational organization

Enhanced information on all sales processes

Greater efficiency of multiple teams

With multiple teams to work the efficiency is also more

Improved analytical

Better analyzed data for all sales processes

Positive customer

A positive and a good business with the customers

Plan and manage time, like a pro

You can plan the tasks and manage it accordingly like an expert